About Me My inspiration & superpowers

Lester Naik – Web Designer & Front end web developer

I am a highly motivated web and design professional with an enthusiasm to learn new skills, and investigate emerging technologies to broaden my skill set. I’m a confident front end web designer, in constant touch with the latest trends in technology, games, movies and any new gadgetry I can get my hands on. After obtaining my degree in Design and Communication in 2009 from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology I started working as a Front End Web Designer and ever since cannot stop feeding my ever growing digital appetite.

At work

I enjoy my early morning routine pushups and flexing. I work easily within teams and is very deadline driven. Fully competent in the Adobe Design and Web suits. I also design wordpress websites and implement them online. I enjoy using jquery, html5, CSS3 and implementing proper UI and UX design standard. While enforcing  responsive web design standards for mobile and keeping Art direction beautiful.

Play time

When I have a free moment I am a Playstation gamer and movie addict. Currently playing the Batman Arham City but do love summer days and the beach , especially the Kirstenbosch summer sunset concerts combined with either a cold beer or glass of red. Good music and hanging out with some good friends.


I am a strong believer in family time. Coming from a big family with lots of noise and laughter I wouldn’t trade it for all the PS4 games in the world. I can often be found braaing with my nephew and brother. Going on long family holidays or chasing after one of our sausage dogs for stealing my shoes or slippers.

Technical strengths

I am a passionate individual and have adopted “Impossible is nothing” as my motto which constantly feeds my positive and capable attitude. I enjoy a good challenge and the adventure of learning new skills. Appreciating all forms of design and the joys of the ever changing and evolving digital realm. I believe in progressive enhancement always considering how the web and mobile web changes will affect design and interaction.  Using design as a problem solving mechanic that allows for user participation and input rather than just a beautiful piece of art.

  • Illustrator, Photoshop & Fireworks CS6
  • Dreamweaver CS6 & Sublime text
  • Indesign CS6
  • html5 & CSS3
  • WordPress
  • Jquery implementation
  • Flash & Premier Pro CS6
  • MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint
  • Userinterface Design
  • User Experience
  • Responsive Web design
  • Mobile & App design
  • Newsletter, Banner designs
  • Design Concept creation, wireframing
  • Digital Strategy & implementation
  • Social Media design
Youth Developement and Facilitation

When i’m not designing or gaming I enjoy facilitating and training  youth leaders within my church. With a strong focus to motivate, empower and recreate there understanding by skilling them with the necessary tools and knowledge. I am able to give back of my talent in this forum and help the youth and various committees with poster designs, marketing of fundraisers, promoting events on social platforms. Sending out of bulk emails via mail chimp, capture video footage and editing for our NAC TV channel, develop creative processes and provide creative direction. Working with diverse individuals and constantly learning new things, improving my approach to helping and enabling  youth within our district church. Always having lots of fun filled with great youth trips, traveling to new places, laughter and great fellowship.